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The AFRF is a not for profit, charitable organisation powered by volunteers and donations. We serve and honour volunteer and emergency First Responders and their families mental health and wellbeing through peer support, education, and wellbeing retreats.

volunteers day

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Today is volunteer recognition day and we would like to acknowledge and recognize the volunteer emergency first responders who give their time selflessly to serve… Read More »volunteers day

Great news

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The Australian First Responder Foundation (AFRF) have secured a venue for the First Responder Emergency Services Health Education Retreat (FRESHER). The dates are 6-8 Aug… Read More »Great news

Flying Our flag

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Flying the AFRF flag at the #Frontlinementalhealth Conference at the Gold Coast. Louise Murphy presented on the findings and recommendations of her #ChurchillFellow report and received amazing support for… Read More »Flying Our flag


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On a daily basis, our emergency first responders show compassion and care to those who they serve. Below is just one example of this.Neil King… Read More »LAST WISH