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Join the Push-up CHALLENGE

  • AFRF 

Anyone want to join an AFRF challenge group to support mental health?

With permission [maybe 😉 ] get a few colleagues in uniform to join you.

Click here to join us on our challenge

Physical and mental health are not separate – each affects the other. While you may not be up to a push up challenge, looking after your physical health is an important factor in looking after your mental health. It does not mean you need to reach a level of super fitness. Each step towards improving your physical fitness can have benefits. You can start with walking or simple yoga, at the beach or at the swimming pool. What is important is starting.

Another factor in succeeding is doing it with others. As the Push-Up challenge shows – doing it with others can be by sharing activity online, in your group. Become part of a group with shared understanding, experiences and objectives. Would you consider becoming a member of the AFRF?

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