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At the Australian First Responder Foundation we are often contacted by emergency first respondents and/ or their loved ones seeking understanding about why they are “not feeling okay”, struggling or why they have “changed”. The Mental Health Continuum model is a useful tool to show that our mental health is not static.

Depending on whats happening (or not) in our lives, we can easily move along the continuum from being mentally healthy to mentally ill. Being able to recognize “changes”(big or small), and signs and symptoms is a good starting point to prevention, healing and recovery. (Source- Road to Mental Readiness)

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2 thoughts on “MENTAL HEALTH”

  1. Thank you!
    I wish to organise a fundraising event for the first responders of Queensland. How do I contact them and what are the fundraising limitations if any?
    Can you help me with this or do you have the contact info for the correct person(s), please.

    1. Thank you for your support Maria.

      Your question about how to contact first responders in Queensland: this is largely up to you:
      – rely on a social media / public campaign?
      – do you expect to obtain a list of contacts/ emails from us? Our privacy policy would not permit this.
      – You might be able to work through Queensland emergency services organisations to see if they like your proposal and are willing to promote through their networks
      – you might make personal contact with local groups and see if they come onboard.
      You must seek publicly available information.
      At this time, we have not developed many contacts in Queensland, although we do hope to do so.

      That said, we wish you every success and hope you can keep us informed of your progress. We may be able to provide some level of promotion on our socials if you can establish a viable campaign.

      Re: Fundraising limitations – you will need to check the relevant Qld government agency equivalent to the NSW Department of Fair Trading. To undertake substantial fundraising activities, you will need to consider registering your organisation (as a legal body) under the appropriate Australian Government regulation – as a company, with ASIC / ACNC and the ATO. You will likely need professional advice in this matter.

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