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Recruitment: Helpers and Volunteers Needed

The AFRF runs on the selfless efforts and endeavours of its volunteers. To be successful, to develop and grow, the AFRF needs people who can dedicate a little of their time to various tasks. The challenges vary, and we don’t expect every volunteer to do anything and everything.

We have opportunities for people to contribute in:

Service Development and Delivery – the part of the AFRF that develops its programs and runs them – eg FRESHER Course (materials and facilitation)

Marketing – developing and managing promotional material, including these webpages, discovering and seeking grants and coordinating fundraising events and activities, producing and using membership promotion materials.

Back Office – Financial management, policy development and strategic planning and implementation, as well as ITC services, office management.

Worried about COVID: Work from home – the AFRF volunteers generally work from home, meeting and sharing over the web. Face-to-face meetings only occur when needed.

While the following are listed, it does not mean these are all we need. if you have an interest in helping us, let us know, discuss it and I’m sure we can find a place where we can both benefit – contact the AFRF and make an enquiry here.


Click on a Position link to download a “Terms of Reference” (PDF) and talk to us to explore/apply

Chief Executive OfficerN
Chief Operating OfficerN
Risk Management Officer (Workplace Safety)Y
Technology OfficerY
Communications Officer (Media and Publications)Y
Induction Officer (WHS/HR Manager)Y
Data Analyst / Report WriterEOI
Website DeveloperY