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Side tracks

We in NSW are in COVID lockdown, and can expect to be this way for sometime. Our frontline health services are under stress. Distraction and humour, an empathetic perspective, are needed – so perhaps you might like to promote a place on the web where you can go to.

Here is one: Savage Paramedics – a Facebook page put together by health professionals that provides some daily humour and insights. Can you suggest some others?

2 thoughts on “Side tracks”

  1. And some things to think about:

  2. Good advice: “Don’t take criticism from people you would never go to for advice”
  3. Work best friends are irreplaceable – what bond is stronger than the one that you share with having to put up with the same shit 8+ hours a day?
  4. I always put my music on shuttle but get annoyed when it doesn’t play the music I want

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